Using the scientific based approach and platform that I have used to assist my career as National Sports Scientist for the Springbok Rugby team (2004 – 2007) to achieve success, I have developed the infrastructure template for public and professional utilization. I believe that this management infrastructure will facilitate effective health care management and development for any sedentary, active and professional athlete to achieve their goals of improving quality of life – Dr M Y Hassan

  • Dr M Y Hassan is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Sports Physician.
  • During his sports science career he worked with athletes that ranged from sedentary active to elite athletes. While consulting to the SA Protea cricket team he published a book “Cricket IQ” at the time of the Cricket World Cup, hosted in SA (2003).
  • He developed screening, injury prevention and injury management strategies, scientifically quantified exercise parameters and reinforced the concept of periodisation in preparation for the rugby world cup in 2007. He successfully led the sports science medical team in contributing to the team’s 2007 rugby world cup win in Paris.
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