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Ground-breaking monitoring app can assist fight against deadly COVID-19

Medical Laboratories that are Equipped to Test COVID-19

To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, a majority of countries have placed everyone on lockdown and forced self-quarantine measures. However, if you experience any symptoms mentioned in one of our blogs, please get tested by medical laboratories that are equipped in identifying the infection.

Please click the following links to access contact details and addresses of medical institutions near you.
Please stay safe!

Our Applications


Resting heart rate(HR) is the measure of baseline heart rate required for the body to maintain efficient blood delivery to the organs in a steady resting state to maintain well being (homeostasis).


Using the HR change before, during & after a period of exercise conditioning you are able to assess improving or deteriorating fitness levels.


The recovery HR is measured at self selected intervals and a comparison to previous recorded recovery HR measurements is calculated to allow the user assess if fitness is improving or deteriorating.


Your personal guide to strength & rehab exercises with stretching, strapping & yoga options. Create an exercise plan. Start workout & monitor your fitness simultaneously with HR system. View strapping options to facilitate training. Get exercise analysis after an exercise session.


Performance fingerprint is a comprehensive data analysis system that allows users to track fitness, activity profile, mass change, self-selected customizable tracking parameters and a host of other parameters over time.


The app allows the professional to capture medical data. The data files can be stored or transferred to any data storage system.

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