Rikki-Lee Hodge

Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Rikki-Lee Hodge is a qualified Biokineticist, Yoga, Pilates and Budokon
instructor, based in the picturesque city of Cape Town, South Africa. She studied
Human Movement Science, Education and Psychology at the University of
Pretoria, and completed her BHSc Honours in Biokinetics at the University of
Witwatersrand. She is passionate about anything that gets the eyes glowing,
mind working and the body moving. In her free time she likes to attend
workshops and teacher training courses to improve her skillset to better guide
her clients.
Yoga has existed for thousands of years, from as far back as the Vedic period
which began 1500 BC. The benefits of this age old practice are countless. Yoga is
a physical, mental and spiritual practice that helps to create a more conscious
awareness of the self, and the environment in which we are in. On the physical
front, it allows for the recruitment of multiple muscle groups during each
movement (asana). So muscles as strengthened and stretched simultaneously
while activating neurological pathways that stimulate balance and
proprioception. It improves balance, flexibility, bone and muscle strength and
boosts energy levels.
The world of exercise is constantly evolving. For Rikki, focus needs to return to
functional movement. Movement that we were masters of as children, but what
we loose touch with as we grow up. We were made to move, to crawl, climb, run,
squat, jump and roll. We were made to play. Yoga helps to recentre and refocus
the mind through the use of physical exercise. Simply put, this ancient practice is
meditation through movement.