A’isha Khan

ASSIC Biokineticist

A’isha Khan is a Biokineticist and Sport Conditioning Specialist. Using scientific base exercise
program to create a client centered relationship where we structure a goal specific to their
needs and work together to achieve it, as well as in-the- minute feedback during
rehabilitation, to insure the patients’ comfort and satisfaction, improve the patients’ quality
of life so that they will be able to perform their functional activities of daily living without
pain and to increase repeat business. We intend to offer exercise therapy that is effective,
yet respectful of the patients’ personal boundaries, so that the experience is relaxing and
energizing for both the patient and the biokineticist. We are mindful of the overall
experience – using gym equipment, swiss balls and theraband to ensure quality of services
A’isha has attain BSc degree in Sport and Exercise, BA (HONS) Sport Recreation and Exercise
Science and BSc (HONS) Biokinetics. She is also a qualified sport massage therapist.
She is very fond of all sporting code whether it be team sports or individual sports.